Guanzhong ba jing [Eight Sights of Guanzhong].

FAN Dong-xing engraver.; WU Ting-gui. artist (1940s].)


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Complete set of 8 scrolls, each measuring 133x33cm. Some minor paper defects and creasing, but overall in very good condition. Printed label affixed to last sheet: "Rubbings from the Original Stones - Eight Famous Scenes of Central Shensi - Sian po Ku Tang Address No. 30 Fu Hsueh Hang". Xi'an, Xi'an Bo gu tang, n.d. [but ca. 1930s or 

Guanzhong is the area around the old capital Chang'an (Shaanxi Province). The "Eight Scenic Spots of Guanzhong" are 'Huayue Immortal's Palm', 'Lishan Mountain in Evening Light', 'Wind and Snow at Balu', 'Drinking at Qujiang River', 'Morning Bell at Wild Goose Pagoda', 'Ancient Ferry at Xianyang', 'Smoke at the Thatched Cottage', and 'Snow at Taibai'. The stone stele of "Eight Scenes of Guanzhong" was made by Fan Dongxing, a carver from Pinyang in the 10th year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty (1860). It is based on the eight screens of Wu Tinggui's (dates unknown) paintings and poems on the Eight Scenes of Guanzhong. Each scene includes the poems in the top margin. The last sheet has an additional post-script by the engraver Fan Dongxing (dates unknown) which explains that behind the production of the stone stele was to make this work of art more accessible to others. 

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