[12 photographs captioned in manuscript, depicting the journey of two English speaking travellers by horse and reindeer].

SIBERIA ; REINDEER ([c.1910].)


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12 sepia toned photographic prints, c.85 by 125mm, all captioned on verso in red or brown ink. Very good. Siberia,

A loose travelogue of twelve captioned photographs, depicting a journey through Siberia undertaken by two English speaking travellers. The atmospheric snapshots describe a journey of at least 1200 miles, with noted locations of the Vitim River and Lake Baikal. The travellers may well have been associated with the Alaska Reindeer Service, who between 1893 and the 1920s orchestrated the import of tens of thousands of reindeer from Siberia to Alaska, in an attempt to offer the Alaskan Inuit a new source of food and revenue. 


The captions read: 

Our home in Siberia. I am standing in front of House Bob at side

Your's truly, + Bob Siberia arrival at camp

Rain deer team's arriving with supplies

Rain deer team's bring in supplies Siberia 

On the trail Lena River middle sled Bob + I rode in First one baggage third one Mr Thorne + Guide Forth one not in sight another guide Four sled in all

Bob, Guide + Rain deers Siberia

Rain deers on Vitim Riber

Feeding the horses on the Ice Lena River

View Lena River

Rain deer Hauling log's

Resting the Horses

Resting the Horses. We changed Horses 73 times in 1200 miles 

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