Copia Autentica De Carta Del Ilustrissimo Y Reverendissimo Senor Doct. D. Fr. Manuel de Jesus Maria, dignissimo Obispo de Nankim.

JESUS MARIA Friar Manuel (1733.)


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y Governador Apostolico del Obispado de Pekim, Metropoli del Imperio de la China. First and only edition. Folio. Disbound. 4pp. n.p., n.d. [Manila (?)]

Manuel de Jesus Maria (a.k.a. Emmanuel de Torres Costa, died 1739) was a Portuguese Franciscan and the Bishop of Nanjing. The Bishop writes to the Superior of the Franciscans at San Gregorio Province in Manila, where this letter was probably printed. He is defending the Franciscans in China from allegations that they are idle drones who spend their time drifting aimlessly about from Canton to Macao, and from Macao to Manila, neglecting their evangelical work and missionary duties. These allegations, declares the Bishop are more due to ignorance than malice. He has been in China since 1722 and his experience is that the Friars are hardworking and diligent. He speaks of those working in Peking, Canton, Shandong and Macao and praises them for their efforts in the face of the anti-Christian line taken by the Yongzheng Emperor. Not in Streit. 

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