A funeral service, an Illuminated miniature on vellum from a Book of Hours. France (Paris), c.



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Illuminated arched miniature of a funeral service, showing two monks singing from a lectern on a wooden frame; in the middle of the room four long candlesticks surround the bier which is covered with a blue decorated cloth, with the altar at the far end. Set within a panelled, curved room with a tiled floor, within a full ornamental border of blue and gold acanthus, coloured flowers and leaves, three leaf-shaped compartments with liquid gold ground and floral decoration containing thistles and violets; below the miniature a 3-line illuminated initial in blue on burnished gold ground, with red and blue floral design with white tracery.

Size of leaf: 157 x 115mm. Size of miniature: 158 x 106mm. On verso 17 lines of gothic text.

A well-drawn miniature with charming borders, typical of illumination at the end of the 15th century, with extensive use of liquid gold. Several elements are picked out in wonderful detail: the reredos behind the altar depicts the crucifixion; the choir book from which the monks sing is ruled, minutely, in red; the monks themselves are depicted with their mouths open, mid-song. The curve of the vaulted ceiling, illustrated in warm reds and golds, draws the eye deliberately to the crucifix at the centre of the miniature.

Excellent condition.

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